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Our Promise & Commitment to using only High Grade & Quality Materials

At J.S. Cabinets Industry Sdn. Bhd., quality takes top priority. Our materials undergo vigorous destructive testing that mirrors the actual operational environments that every kitchen owner will put their kitchen surfaces through.

Here are just some of the tests and the respective results that we have obtained from a majority of our materials. Needless to say, we're committed to bring you the best materials at reasonable prices.

Abrasion Resistance

Test: Table Abraser applied at 100 RPM on sample surface (100 x 100 mm) for extended periods of time.

Result: Insignificant reduction of sample weight.

This Means...
The material is highly resistant to scratching and marks from forceful methods.

Burning Resistance

Test:  Lighted cigarette placed on sample surface.

Result: Slight brownish color can be wiped off with ethanol.

This Means...
The materials we use are very resistant to staining. These surfaces can be easily cleaned using regular household cleaning agents making them look just as new!

Acid Test

Test:  Sample surface is exposed to 0.2M and 4M Hydrochloric (HCl) acid respectively for 15 minutes and 24 hours testing.

Result: Only slight change in gloss/color.

This Means...
Our materials exhibit high resistance to the some of the most caustic acidic environments.


Test:  Graphite laid on sample surface.

Result: No graphite visible stains observed with naked eye.

This means:
Porosity is not a concern with our materials.

Steam Resistance

Test: Sample surface directly exposed for 1 hour to steam.

Result: Slight change in gloss / color.

This Means:
You can boil soups for hours in the kitchen and yet your kitchen will still look grand.

Cracking Resistance

Test:  Sample is placed in an oven at 70oC for 24 hours.

Result: No cracks present.

This Means:
Materials used have high heat resistance and won't weaken due to high sustained temperatures.