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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets are the main flagship product for J.S. Cabinets Industries Sdn. Bhd. We are specialists in this area, and we manufacture all the materials and accessories that goes into your kitchen cabinets.  All our materials have gone through and passed stringent Quality Control (QC) tests. This ensures that all materials used have a high degree of resistance to whatever your cooking style and regiment may be. Learn more about J.S. Cabinets Industries's Quality Control and Assurance tests.

What are the Benefits?

  • No middlemen to negotiate with for materials.
  • We pass on the savings to our customers.
  • You get a better kitchen for your budget.
  • We are our own suppliers, you can be assured of better quality materials.
  • We're kitchen experts, our experienced Sales Consultants are knowledgeable about all aspects of kitchen cabinets, from its design, to construction, to the materials used.
  • This gives you the peace of mind that our Sales Consultants will be in a better position to advise you on which materials would best suit your budget and cooking style.

How to Choose Materials for your Kitchen?

Choosing materials for your kitchen is pretty tricky. Learn how to choose a kitchen that suits your needs and style of cooking.

Take a look at our catalog of materials. We have an amazingly wide area of choice.

  • Woodgrains - Wood in the kitchen looks natural and gives it an earthy welcoming look.
  • ABS - These are the strips that line the edges of the cabinet's doors and panels.
  • Membrane Press - For the budget conscious.
  • Solid Colors - Very durable and stylish finishing.