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Catalog - Solid Colour - Millennium Silver

Please choose from a myriad of different colours and materials that suit your taste and your lifestyle. These solid colours are a sample of laminate colours that are ideally suited for kitchen cabinets. Paired with the ABS side panels they make a kitchen light up with life!


437 Millennium Silver 438 E-Green MM 440 Carribean Passion MM 408 Majestic Ebony
MM441 Techno Silver MK 3995 Ivory MK 3420 Blue 40 Metallic
MK 3215 Green MK 3238 Grey MK 3378 Pink 21-02 Red

Click on any of the thumbnails above to see a larger more detailed version of the material itself.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the samples above. However, due to different monitor settings, configuration and models, J.S. Cabinets Industry would like to notify our visitors that the samples above may not accurately match the real colours of the material. For definitive results, please drop by at your convenience at any of our showrooms near you!