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Kitchen Cabinet Materials

J.S. Cabinets Industries Sdn. Bhd. we try our best to cater to our customer's style as we give you the flexibility of choosing your own materials and designs for your kitchen. We are the manufacturer and supplier of Kitchen Cabinets materials, you may choose from a variety of great material colours and finishings from our catalog, so much so that you'll be spoilt for choice.

However, here's a tip from us! Selecting the right counter top material requires some discussion and experience. It is important that you discuss in detail how and what you will be using your kitchen for (apart from preparing food of course!). Here's a few pieces of information that you should go over with your Design Consultant:

  • How you prepare cooking ingredients?
    • Do you often prepare your ingredients without the use of a chopping board, and prefer to use the counter top directly?
    • Do you do a lot of washing so that a lot of water will be splashed around the kitchen?
  • How often do you cook?
    • Less than 3 times a week?
    • Once a day?
    • Three times a day?
  • method of cooking,
    • Do you fry your dishes often?
    • Do you steam your dishes often?
    • Mixture of both?
  • "wetness" of the kitchen
    • Is your kitchen always damp?
    • Do you have the discipline to wipe down all wet surfaces before finishing your cooking?

Each counter top material is different and has its pros and cons and though it is quite easy to choose the right one with some consultation. Many consumers are hasty and do not make the correct choice and go for the looks alone. Don't be disappointed! Please speak to our highly experienced Design Consultants to have an idea which material will suit you.

Kitchen Counter Top Carcass ABS Wood Cabinet Doors
It is normal practice that all internal carcass for our cabinets are made from white colour Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF).

MDF is a highly durable material that has been used for constructing furniture for years.

The ABS is a thin but durable plastic strip that is used to line the edges of certain kitchen cabinets.

Depending on your choice of kitchen materials for your doors, ABS will be used accordingly.

Nothing adds a touch of class more than using solid wood doors for your kitchen. Our solid wood doors have been treated and will withstand the heat and dampness of the Asian cooking style.

We recommend that you visit any of our showrooms to witness yourself the impact of having wood doors for your cabinets on your kitchen's ambience.